Arts, Entertainment and Recreation: Guilds, Associations and Other Resources

There are many steps that a student can take to improve their careers in the arts, entertainment and recreation industries, such as joining a guild, reaching out to an association, or using an organization’s resources. Taking the initiative and getting involved with these groups in your field can connect you with other professionals and teach you more about their industry. They can also provide you with advice that can help you improve your presentation and make a better impression when presenting your work.

Here are some guilds, groups and other resources that you can use, all separated by field.


  • The National Association of Independent Artists : The NAIA provides a forum for artists to communicate with one another and other people in the arts community. They support community-based shows for selling art and work in developing educational programs for artists, as well as alternative markets. 
  • Artisan Talent : Artisan a creative staffing agency with a deep pool of digital, marketing, and creative talent. Their Account Managers and Talent Recruiters help commissioners hire talent and artists who are working remotely or looking for job opportunities.
  • San Francisco Arts Commission : The SFAC is a city agency that promotes the arts in San Francisco by offering grants, sharing calls for artists and having art vendor programs.
  • National Digital Artists: The National Association of Digital Artists (naDA) serves digital artists and the digital art community by providing resources for exhibition, networking and education. 
  • I nternational Digital Media: The iDMAa is dedicated to serving educators, practitioners, scholars, and organizations interested in digital media.


  • Association of Music Producers : The AMP is a trade association that advocates on behalf of companies and individuals who produce music for advertising and branded media.
  • Orfium : ​Orfium is a music management platform and monetization service covering every rightsholder’s needs. They can help you secure a deal or manage one you currently have.
  • Aspiring Writers Association of America : The AWAOA offers workshops, conferences, critiquing services, writing groups, contests and awards to aspiring writers.
  • Songwriters Guild of America : The SGA can give songwriters advice on how to protect their copyrights, license their music and collect their royalties, as well as supporting developing songwriters to gain industry insight.
  • Filmmakers Alliance: The FA provides a unique mutual support system through which members share time, energy, expertise, resources and creative support for one another’s film projects from concept through distribution.