Interviews are an opportunity for employers to see if candidates meet the qualifications for a particular job opening and fit the company culture. Candidates also use interviews as a way to gather information on the responsibilities of their potential new job, checking to see if the organization matches their own personal values and whether the position will meet their salary and benefit expectations.    

An interview is a conversation between an employer and a job candidate. The employer has seen the candidate’s job experience on their resume and believes that the candidate may be able to meet their requirements. The next step is to measure if that experience and the candidate’s personality will translate in person to fulfill the requirements of the job and match the values of the organization. During an interview, the candidate is gauging if this job and organization are a good fit for them as well.

After a candidate is interviewed, the employer will return to the candidate and let them know what the next steps are in the recruitment process. They may make a job offer, ask the candidate for further interviews or let the candidate know they weren’t chosen for the job. When an offer is made, the candidate then needs to decide if they want to accept employment at the organization and then  begin negotiations.   

Interview steps include:

  • Researching companies and industries online
  • Researching company employees online using LinkedIn
  • Reviewing the job description of the position you are applying for
  • Reviewing your resume
  • Creating your introduction (expanded, tailored pitch)
  • Writing out your replies to interview questions and practicing them
  • Scheduling a practice interview with a career coach
  • Going on the interview
  • Sending thank you letters to interviewers
  • Following up after the interview
  • Visiting the Career Design Lab

Start in the CDL course on your Canvas/Courseworks dashboard. You will find links to a number of free tools and workbooks in the Interviews section. You can also schedule a practice interview with a career coach to practice your replies leading up to an interview.

Please refer to the Career Design Lab Course on your Canvas/Courseworks dashboard to find additional resources. LinkedIn Learning is another good resource for further learning.