Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces play an integral part in the student life, academic endeavors, and intellectual accomplishments of the School of Professional Studies and Columbia University as a whole.

The School of Professional Studies is a proud participant of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program. The scope of benefits provided by the Post 9/11 GI Bill® and the Yellow Ribbon Program helps make a traditional Columbia education accessible to eligible veterans, regardless of socioeconomic status, who wish to pursue a rigorous graduate degree program.



Leaving the military? How civilian non-profits can help you.

A 2020 Department of Veterans Affairs study on the Department of Defense’s Transition Assistance Program, or TAP, the program responsible for preparing 250,000 service members every year to leave the military, found that “many veterans did not understand the magnitude of the issues they …

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Transferable Military Traits

When you join the military, you enter knowing that wherever your life and career takes you, there will eventually come a time to transition out of your service uniform. It is important to recognize the transferable traits as the impact …

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Military Transition

Whether you are just beginning your journey in the military career or are about to transition to the private sector, take a moment to watch this video offering experienced advice from alumni that have successfully navigated their own military-to-civilian readiness. …

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Independent Non-Profit Organization Management Professional, Self-Employed

Mike is an Independent Non-Profit Organization Management Professional based out of Charlottesville, VA. Currently giving his experience and leadership skills to the American Red Cross, Mike is a Leadership Partner with the Services to Armed Forces Program, a Regional Training …

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Systems Engineer, Army Futures Command – Armanents Center

Darlene is a Systems Engineer with the United States Army Futures Command. Based out of the Picatinny Armanents Center, Darlene is responsible for strategizing improvements for future weapons, making sure our warfighters have the safest, lightest, and most effective weapons …

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Career Planning Resources

Find resources relevant to the community to help you succeed.

DEIA Equity Language Guide

Being respectful and thoughtful in our exchanges with each other, external partners and stakeholders, and the general public is integral …

101 Data Science Interview Questions, Answers, and Key Concepts

n October 2012, the Harvard Business Review described “Data Scientist” as the “sexiest”  job of the 21st century. Well, as we approach …

How to Start a Small Business – A Veteran’s SMB Guide with Tools and Financial Resources

As a veteran, many of the skills you learned in the military can be especially helpful in running a business. …

Resources for Diverse Populations

The Career Design Lab (CDL) in the School of Professional Studies (SPS) is here to support students of all backgrounds, …