Careers in China

If you are interested in careers in China, here are career resources that you can access as a Columbia SPS student.

  • Beijing Global Center is committed to equipping the university students with global experience and local opportunities through their partner network, helping students fulfill individual values, and assisting with their career development.
  • Lockin U is a platform that unites students of global universities with thousands of Chinese Employers.

Find Job and Internship Opportunities in China – Supported by Columbia Beijing Global Center

To provide high-quality career opportunities to Columbia students, especially during the COVID-19 global crisis that tightens the labor market, the Beijing Center has launched a program that enables students to get job vacancies and internship information at our partner companies/organizations online since June 2020. Jobs & Internships in China

Find Job and Internship Opportunities in China – Supported by Lockin U

Lockin U is committed to providing employment solutions and career development supports for International students and students who are willing to find global opportunities. Jobs, Internships & Events in China


Career Resources

Informational Interview Steps


Informational Interview Steps
Identify someone to interview:Professors, advisors, alumni, and members of professional organizations are great candidates for informational interviews. …

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are a way to get the inside scoop on an organization and learn how people managed their careers …