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Joining SPS Talent gives you access to School of Professional Studies students and alumni, from those seeking internships and entry-level roles to experienced professionals wanting to advance their careers.

International students offer a wide range of skills and abilities, including multiple languages and cross-cultural skills, maturity, flexibility, proven ability to adapt to new situations, and knowledge of work practices in another country. International students generally hold F-1 (student) visas while studying in the United States. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) permits students to undertake internships during their studies and full-time employment for a specific period of time after graduation for practical training. The INS defines practical training as paid employment related to the student’s field of study. If you have questions about hiring international students, please consult your human resources department or refer to the Columbia University International Students and Scholars Office.

The Columbia University School of Professional Studies offers Master of Science programs that are STEM-designated, which grants graduates an additional 24 months of work authorization on Optional Practical Training (OPT). Those programs are:

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Leveraging Global Talent: By Rafa Sattar, CDL Employer Relations Intern

“Employers have everything to gain in diversifying the breadth and depth of experience of their talent pool. In 2022, 54.1% of Columbia SPS graduates were international. By leveraging the skills of international students, employers can cultivate a diverse and dynamic work environment and ultimately gain a competitive edge…”



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