Career Design Lab’s Expectations for Student Standards of Professionalism 

The Career Design Lab (CDL) supports the career development of its School of Professional Studies students and alumni. Starting with self-reflection and assessment and marketplace research, CDL helps students and alumni develop the confidence to explore opportunities and apply knowledge and skills to the world of work. Students and alumni who utilize the Career Design Lab’s services are expected to adhere to the following best practices for professionalism:

  • Provide accurate and honest information on your SPS Talent account, LinkedIn profile, resume, and all other application documents. This also applies to your interactions with employers, both in conversation and in writing. 
  • Keep your interview appointments with employers that have been scheduled through CDL’s on-campus interview program. In case of any emergency or other reason needed to cancel or reschedule your commitment, notify the employer and your CDL Career Coach at least one full business day before the interview. 
  • When signing up for campus interviews with employers in which you have a sincere interest, prepare for each appointment to professionally represent yourself and Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies (SPS).
  • Carefully consider all job or internship offers before accepting. Understand that accepting a job or internship offer, either verbally or in writing, is an agreement to work for an employer. Reneging (withdrawing an acceptance of an offer) after having previously accepted, for any reason, is unprofessional and is subject to significant repercussions as deemed appropriate by the Career Design Lab. 
  • Once an offer is accepted, it is best to withdraw from consideration for other opportunities, discontinue your job or internship search, and notify CDL that your resume should no longer be referred to employers. Understand that it is unethical to accept a job or internship and then renege (turn down the offer). Advise your Career Design Lab Career Coach of any extenuating circumstances that may cause you to reevaluate your job/internship acceptance before notifying the employer. 
  • If you accept an internship (credit or non-credit bearing) acquired through CDL or SPS Talent, acknowledge to stay with the organization during the agreed-upon days and times. If you must leave for whatever reason before the agreed-upon date, give the company a standard two weeks notice unless there is another length of time specified in an employment contract or policy.  
  • Fulfill your commitment if you RSVP to attend an event. If you cannot participate in an event you RSVP to, cancel your SPS Talent reservation as soon as possible. 
  • Schedule appointments with your Career Coach and provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel. 

CDL encourages you to notify the office at if you perceive any ethical conduct breaches on the part of employers.