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Welcome to the Career Design Lab!

We are here to support you during your time at SPS.  Whether you are just starting or about to graduate, make sure you are taking full advantage of the opportunities and resources that our office provides.  You have access to book an appointment with your career coach, register for an event, and apply to opportunities all from this site! Our goal is to help you build the foundation of skills you will need to successfully manage your career and the transitions you will make throughout your working life. These skills are just as important to you and your career as the knowledge you gain from your degree program.

Coaching Appointments + Drop-Ins


Individual In-Person/ Virtual Career Coaching

The Career Design Lab offers career coaching appointments to current students and alumni. Schedule an appointment on SPS Talent!

Current Master’s Degree Program Students

One-on-one appointments are available by appointment through the CDL coaches’ appointment calendars. Coaches are assigned to specific degree programs and will provide one-on-one sessions where you will explore areas listed in the table below.  Current students can also meet with a career coach in a 15-minute drop-in session for quick questions and reviews.

Find the Zoom link on your SPS Talent Home page.

Current Certificate and Non-Degree Students

Current certificate and non-degree students can meet with a career coach in 15-minute drop-in sessions for quick questions three times per semester.

Jobs + Events + Appointments

SPS Talent is our premiere job board, where you can search and apply for internships and jobs, register for an event, and also it’s where you book your appointment with your Career Coach.

How to Claim Your SPS Talent Account

Exclusive Career Resources

As an enrolled SPS Student, you will have access to a variety of exclusive subscriptions and resources! Make sure you take full advantage of these resources for optimum career success!

We are excited to meet you!

Our team is always excited to meet with new and continuing students.  Stop by our Meet the Team page to learn about our entire office.  Ready to meet your coach? 


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