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We are here to support you during your time at SPS.  Whether you are just starting or about to graduate, make sure you are taking full advantage of the opportunities and resources that our office provides.  You have access to book an appointment with your career coach, register for an event, and apply to opportunities all from this site! Our goal is to help you build the foundation of skills you will need to successfully manage your career and the transitions you will make throughout your working life. These skills are just as important to you and your career as the knowledge you gain from your degree program.


Featured Classes

Career Design Lab Course

The CDL course on Canvas is designed to help you leverage best practices in your professional development.  There you will…

Become a Product Manager

Product managers have many responsibilities: product strategy, development, and design, as well as product launch and retirement. They work with…

Product Management: Building a Product Roadmap

A roadmap is a simple but powerful tool for product development. A strong product roadmap supports your business objectives and…

Optimize your Linkedin Profile

This LinkedIn Learning course will review on how to best optimize your LinkedIn profiles.   Rock Your Linkedin Profile

Product Management: Building a Product Strategy

Behind every successful product there is a clear strategic vision that takes both market and customer needs into account. Essentially,…

Building Professional Connections

In this LinkedIn Learning Class, you’ll learn how to start conversations that build real connections, and use social media to…

Interviewing for Product Management Jobs

Product management positions are fun, challenging, and lucrative—but the journey from first contact with recruiters to signing your offer letter…

Informational Interviewing

If you are looking for a job, considering a new career, or trying to advance in your current career, you…

Leading in Government

Many people feel that leading in government is a puzzle. While it certainly has its challenges, serving the public can…


Storytelling is a powerful way to make people care about products, brands, and causes. It can facilitate sales, marketing, presentations,…

Become a Government Project Manager

Government project management is known to have tougher deadlines, tighter budgets, and stricter requirements. Get the skills you need to…

Delivering an Authentic Elevator Pitch

Find out how to craft an authentic personal pitch while projecting competence and warmth—two key factors in making a great…

Stay Ahead in Construction Management

Jim Rogers
Whether you’re a construction industry veteran looking to switch roles or a brand new construction manager trying to get your…

Become a Data Visualization Specialist: Concepts

Doug Rose
Data visualization is ultimately the make-or-break moment for any data science operation or business analytics project. Develop a solid foundation…

Construction Management: Reading Civil Construction Drawings

Jim Rogers
Construction personnel of all types needs to understand the role that civil construction drawings, or blueprints, play in the construction…

Data Science Foundations: Fundamentals

Barton Poulson
Instructor Barton Poulson defines the relationships to other data-saturated fields such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. He reviews the…

Consulting Professional Weekly Tips

In this LinkedIn Learning class, you will learn topics such as staying connected with clients, setting pricing, blogging to increase your…

Writing a Successful Resume

Finding a great job starts with writing a great resume, one that speaks to your personal and professional strengths. Learn…

Writing a Cover Letter

Cover letters matter. When done right, they spell out clearly who you are, what you have to offer, and—most importantly—why…

The Data Science of Sports Management

If your fascination with sports has piqued an interest in data and statistics, getting a general understanding of data science…

Career Planning Resources

Find resources relevant to the community to help you succeed.

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Resume Building

Creating a Professional Resume

Employers only look at a resume for 7-10 seconds so it’s important to use a common …

Featured Mentors

Janine Acheson

Success Stories
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Clinical Operations Johnson & Johnson

Michael Aita

E-Mentor Program Fall 2022
  • Sr Mgr Technical Product Manager Apple

John Angkaw

Success Stories
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Vice President, Public Entity Group Marsh Canada Limited

Kristen Banks

E-Mentor Program Fall 2022
  • Sustainability Manager PepsiCo

Geralruchelle Beltia

Success Stories
  • New York City, NY
  • Credit Risk Analyst Nomura Securities International

Timothy Bloom

  • Senior Director Enterprise Risk Management Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco

Paula Diaz

Success Stories
  • Climate Justice and Nature Intern Colgate Palmolive

Jan Raphael Floro

Success Stories
  • New York, New York
  • Assistant Vice President - Technology Audit Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Suzy Gao

  • Data Analyst Okta

Ursula Grosser

Success Stories
  • Senior Director, Program Management BetMGM