Most physicians specialize in one of the following areas: anesthesiology, family and general medicine, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, and surgery. The greatest number of physicians are in private practice. They see patients by appointment in their offices and examining rooms, and visit patients who are confined to the hospital. In the hospital, they may perform operations or give other kinds of medical treatment. Some physicians also make calls on patients at home if the patient is not able to get to the physician’s office or if the illness is an emergency.

2023-2024 Best Medical Schools: Research

According to the U.S. News statistical survey, Columbia University is ranked No. 4 in Best Medical Schools: Research. Read more here

Have questions about admissions for the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (VP&S)? We have answers. Click here

Helpful Columbia University resources:

Columbia | GS Premedical Opportunities

Columbia GS | Premedical Handbook

Columbia GS | Premedical Clinical and Research Positions

Columbia GS | Applying to Medical School

Columbia GS | Postbac Program

Additional links as you prepare for medical school:

AAMC Pre Med calendar

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MSAR Medical School Admission Requirements Digital Version

AI as a Career Enhancement Tool

Can AI Skills help your career?

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By Career Design Lab
Career Design Lab
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How to Use ChatGPT in Your Job Search

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that’s taking all corners of the internet by storm. Some use it to dispute medical claims or help them solve complex coding problems. Others have already banned it from schools, worried the bot …

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What do management consultants like McKinsey actually do?

Good question! Quite simply, management consultants, like McKinsey, help their clients solve problems.

Let’s unpack this statement and analyze each component a little more carefully to get more insight. Let’s start by looking at an actual verbatim statement from one …

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7 Market Trends and the Opportunities They Create For You

The job market is continually changing, and it’s important to keep track of it if you are looking for new opportunities. Companies are adopting new tech and changing how they find and hire employees. The skills requirements for jobs also …

By Ivy Exec
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Top Five Reasons to Consider a Career in Healthcare

We have all seen it on TV. The too-handsome doctor running into the operating room without scrubbing in, grabbing a scalpel barehanded, yelling “Push Epi!” to the other myriad nurses and techs while the medical students look down in awe …

By HospitalRecruiting
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