Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

A compilation of career-related resources for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

African-American Students

African American Professional Associations – Compilation of links to the leading African American professional associations, many with career and job sites of their own, collected by Monster.

Black Enterprise
Search for jobs. Knowledge center for job search, career management and professional development articles and advice.

Black Collegian Online
“The career site for students of color.” Online version of the career magazine geared towards African Americans. Hard copy version of the magazine available for free in the Career Resource Center (MP212).

National Urban League Job Network – The Urban League Job Network is backed by the National Urban League and is dedicated to helping diverse students find employment opportunities.


Hispanic/Latinx Students

Hispanic and Latinx Professional Associations – Compilation of links to the leading Hispanic and Latinx professional associations, many with career and job sites of their own, collected by Monster.

Latinx Careers – Job board sponsored by
Leading employment source for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking professionals throughout the Americas.
Job search site.

Saludos Web National Job Listings
Supported by Saludos Hispanos magazine, this site serves the Hispanic community by providing a way for employers actively seeking to recruit qualified Hispanics to post job listings. Search for jobs, read career and internship advice, learn about Hispanic-friendly companies with opportunities for Spanish-speaking bilingual professionals.


The Career Design Lab is located in Lenapehoking.

We gratefully acknowledge the Munsee Lenape people, who belong to the land on which we are privileged to work.



The money movement: how women of color can ask for more in job interviews

Born and raised in Baltimore, by the age of 16 LaTrice Huff was a teen mother of two daughters. Understanding the financial hardships young parenthood would bare, Huff set out on a mission to make money. But for women of …

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Computer science has a racism problem: these researchers want to fix it

Black and Hispanic people face huge hurdles at technology companies and in computer-science education in the United States, with far-reaching consequences for science and all of society.

Computer scientist Juan Gilbert has been working to make his field more diverse.

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What DE&I means to Gen Z

Diversity, equity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords. DE&I impacts people’s daily lives, and as the years progress, people’s understanding of the importance of DE&I increases. For instance, Gen Z is well-known for caring about social issues. According to …

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Are divisive US politics repelling international early-career scientists?

Gun violence, the high cost of living and health care, abortion bans and racial tensions raise concerns for scientists who choose to further their careers abroad.

For the past five decades, the United States has been a top destination for …

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Job Rejections Are Causing Gen-Zers To Seek Mental Health Treatment


Rejection sucks.

What’s especially tough is when your professional aspirations are being affected …

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Career Planning Resources

Find resources relevant to the community to help you succeed.

Informational Interview Steps


Informational Interview Steps
Identify someone to interview:Professors, advisors, alumni, and members of professional organizations are great candidates for informational interviews. …

DEIA Equity Language Guide

Being respectful and thoughtful in our exchanges with each other, external partners and stakeholders, and the general public is integral …

101 Data Science Interview Questions, Answers, and Key Concepts

n October 2012, the Harvard Business Review described “Data Scientist” as the “sexiest”  job of the 21st century. Well, as we approach …

Resources for Diverse Populations

The Career Design Lab (CDL) in the School of Professional Studies (SPS) is here to support students of all backgrounds, …