Podcast Episode 12: Learning to Say No at Work


In the twelfth episode of Rising to the Top: Lessons in Leadership, we welcome Eric Nehrlich, executive coach at Too Many Trees. In an inspirational conversation, Eric speaks about clarifying your career goals and the importance of saying no at work. Be sure to subscribe to Rising to the Top: Lessons in Leadership podcast on Spotify, Apple, or Soundcloud—and listen in every month.

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Eric Nehrlich

Eric is an executive coach at Too Many Trees who draws on twenty years of experience in the tech industry to help leaders have more impact. He helps clients gain clarity on their priorities so they can consciously place their focus and attention where they can have the greatest impact. He loves to identify and challenge mindsets and/or habits that are holding clients back from their next level of leadership. Before becoming a coach, Eric spent ten years as an engineer and product manager across several startups before joining Google and eventually leading business strategy and operations for the Google Search Ads product team as Chief of Staff for six years

Coaching site: https://www.toomanytrees.com/
Book: https://www.toomanytrees.com/book