Negotiation is a pivotal part of the job search process and informs whether or not a candidate says yes to a new role. Negotiations can center around salary requirements for a candidate but can also extend to healthcare benefits, vacation, flexible schedules, start dates, etc. The negotiation process is where candidates and employers come to terms on whether or not they will work together.

A negotiation begins when an employer offers a candidate the opportunity to come work with them. When the candidate is provided with a job offer, the employer and candidate then discuss a salary and benefits for the role if the candidate is considering moving forward with the company. Based on the outcome of the negotiation, a candidate and employer will either agree or decline to work together. 

Negotiation preparation includes:

  • Researching companies and industries online for salary and benefit information
    (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, PayScale, Indeed)
  • Networking in person and online to learn more about companies
  • Speaking with a career coach and practicing your negotiations
  • Deciding what you need in order to say yes to an offer

Start with the Career Design Lab Course on your Canvas/Courseworks dashboard. You will find links to a number of free tools and workbooks in the Negotiate section. If you have other questions, schedule an appointment with a career coach.

Please refer to the Career Design Lab Course on your Canvas/Courseworks dashboard to find additional resources. LinkedIn Learning is another good resource for further learning.