Finding the Right Employer

Employer and Industry Research

In order to be successful in your job search, it is important to conduct employer and industry research. The research will inform where you apply, your networking and interview preparation, and assist you in your salary negotiation. Preparing early by understanding employers and industries you are pursuing will pay off in the long run and help you find opportunities that fit you best.

What is employer and industry research?

Employer and industry research provides you the road map for your job search. It impacts which opportunities you apply for, the materials you submit to roles, whom you network with and how you negotiate your salary and benefits. This research gives you the information that you need to answer interview questions and advocate for the best job offer. Employer and industry research includes:

  • Networking in person and online (LinkedIn and Glassdoor)
  • Visiting the Career Design Lab
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Finding mentors
  • Reading industry journals or publications
  • Reviewing company websites
  • Attending professional conferences

How can I conduct employer and industry research?

Start with the Career Design Lab Course on your Canvas/Courseworks dashboard. You will find links to a number of free tools and workbooks in the Employer & Industry Research section. You will also find degree-specific toolkits. These resources can assist you in brainstorming your job search.

What do I do with the information I compile?

Your career coach will be glad to speak with you to help you best navigate your job search based on the research you have conducted. Together you can formulate a plan of action.