Building Your Network

It’s important for all professionals to build their network throughout their careers. A network of professional connections can be useful to you at all stages of your career. You want to aim to create a group of professionals who can provide mutual assistance and learning to each other. You can help one another build connections and useful business relationships, exchange advice and feedback, find mentors and mentees and share knowledge and support.

These are two-way learning opportunities and meaningful interactions where people introduce themselves, describe their backgrounds and share useful knowledge about their professions.

Networking is a useful practice throughout your entire career. In any school, job or personal experience, you are gaining connections. There are people in your “network” who may be able to help you at some point and vice versa. Consider any and all interactions as opportunities to meet people who might be valuable to you or you to them. You can network at work, at professional meetings, on LinkedIn and at social and alumni gatherings.

Please refer to the Career Design Lab Course on your Canvas/Courseworks dashboard to find additional resources. LinkedIn Learning is another good resource for further learning.