Career Resources for International Students

Planning is always the key to success wherever you are hoping to work. Your first step is to consider your career goals and aspirations. Your next step is to create a plan that will lead you to your goals. It’s important to think broadly and flexibly, and consider a variety of options.

We recommend that you have a plan A (what you really want to do) and plan B (acceptable options and alternatives if plan A isn’t possible). For example, if you want to work in the US – that may be your plan A. Plan B might be to work in another similar country like Canada or Australia.

Finding jobs outside of your country is a huge challenge. If this is your goal, planning is even more important. Research will help you discover the industries, companies, cities and countries where your chances of finding a job and getting a visa are the greatest. For example, Canada has an Express Entry program and is actively recruiting international students with college degrees.

Here are some resource to help you get started with your career planning process.