Arts, Entertainment and Recreation: Job Search Engines

It is helpful to use specialized job search engines that are centered specifically around these industries. The following websites can help you specialize your job search and highlight the positions that might be of interest to you.


  • Art Jobs : This website highlights jobs and deadline-based projects across different art fields. The postings include both creative and administrative jobs.
  • Freelance Writing Jobs : This website features several kinds of freelance jobs in writing and editing (copyediting, content writing, proofreading, technical writing, etc.) It presents these posts on a daily blog post, making sure that you apply for the most recent job openings and taking out the ones that have been filled.
  • Music Jobs : This website puts together jobs from all across the music industry, showcasing positions for creative, managerial, administrative, PR or technical work.
  • NYFA Jobs


  • Entertainment Careers : This website highlights jobs in film, television, studios, networks, production companies, music, VFX and more.
  • Mediabistro : This website aggregates job postings for fields in marketing, creative fields, design, writing/editing and media in general.
  • Media Match: This website focuses exclusively on jobs for the TV and film industries. 
  • Staff Me Up: This website showcases production jobs across different sectors of media.