I obtained this opportunity through a combination of research, networking, and leveraging support from Career Design Lab (CDL). I began by identifying ICBC as an ideal platform for pursuing my interest in risk management and commercial banking. I reached out to professionals working within ICBC, engaging in informational interviews to understand the company culture and the specific skills they valued in an intern.

The guidance from the CDL was instrumental throughout the journey. They provided resources for crafting a tailored resume and cover letter that highlighted my relevant experiences and aspirations. Additionally, mock interview sessions with CDL helped me prepare for the selection process, focusing on specific industry questions and building confidence.

Furthermore, I attended career fairs and networking events where ICBC recruiters were present. Engaging with them, expressing my interest, and showcasing my understanding of the industry made my application stand out. The combination of research, networking, utilizing CDL resources, and aligning my skills with ICBC’s needs paved the way for this incredible opportunity, setting the stage for a rich and transformative internship experience.

During my internship with the Commercial Banking Department at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), I was responsible for multiple key functions that had a direct impact on strategic decision-making. My role included constructing and delivering daily revenue and cash flow reports to C-level executives, providing them with timely and accurate data. I also initiated and compiled weekly large transaction reports by liaising with sub-branches, helping to understand significant financial movements. My responsibilities extended to market research, competitive analysis, cold calling, and in-person negotiations with competitors. I assisted senior managers in identifying product features to enhance market competitiveness. Additionally, I orchestrated multi-channel marketing campaigns and coordinated collaborations, successfully executing events that resulted in 400+ new accounts.

Work Experience
  • Costumer Banking Dpt Intern
  • ICBC
China, Enterprise Risk Management
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