My team is in charge of mitigating fraud and improving quality for the three-sided marketplace (courier, merchant, eater) of Uber Eats, and we make sure our partners and customers have the best experience possible when using the platform. Specifically, I work with functional teams to analyze sophisticated data to identify new fraud patterns, build models, and aggregate insights to mitigate fraud loss and drive business improvement. I also build cohesive fraud and quality strategies for programs and solutions for our end-to-end ecosystem.

To sum it up, my key to obtaining this opportunity was to build a great professional network in and outside of the campus while staying grounded and being really good at articulating what I’ve learned from past experience and my education, and how I can contribute to the role.

I have worked with Kat Castro and other CDL advisors throughout my journey at Columbia SPS. They have been a tremendous guidance for me personally and professionally. In addition, my mentor through the e-mentorship program, Ben Sokol, has been my biggest cheerleader and inspiration. Ben motivates me to be persistent in building up my personal brand and LinkedIn presence, and keep networking and showing gratitude to people who have helped. Through networking, I also received referrals from a classmate and several mentors outside campus, who offered generous advice and valuable insights on my application process. Last but not least, my “Anomaly Detection” course with Prof. Chris Kuo helped me build a great foundation of the fraud space, and I am excited to be able to transfer what I’ve learned from the classroom to my current role at Uber.