I am directly responsible for leading the company’s efforts in the development and execution of the Sustainability strategy, reporting, Communications and Public Affairs, and Corporate Compliance.

Over the past seven years, I have dedicated my efforts to the compliance and sustainability department of this Company. Recognizing a growing need for heightened professionalism in this area, I made a strategic decision to further my education by enrolling in Columbia University’s Sustainability Management program (SUMA). The company, acknowledging the potential value of this endeavor, generously granted me a leave of absence to pursue this opportunity. During my time at SUMA, I immersed myself in comprehensive learning, gaining insights into evolving market dynamics and regulatory trends. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I meticulously crafted a strategic approach that seamlessly integrated my deep understanding of the company’s operations with the emerging sustainability landscape. A few months before completing the program, I presented my carefully developed strategy to our CEO. The positive feedback received was beyond expectations, culminating in an offer to lead the department as the company’s inaugural Chief Sustainability Officer. This journey has not only allowed me to contribute significantly to the company’s commitment to sustainability but also demonstrates the organization’s recognition of my dedication and the value I bring to the evolving field.