Red Bull Internships Guide: How to Get Your Professional Wings

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Red Bull internships are opportunities to work at an iconic energy drink brand in departments like marketing and sales. Whether you’re interested in helping supply restaurants with Red Bull cans, working on Red Bull media events, or even becoming a brand ambassador, there are tons of Red Bull internship and student opportunities across the U.S.

What Are Red Bull Internships?

Red Bull internships are opportunities to work on projects in fields you’re interested in for an iconic brand. The company offers internships in offices across the U.S. in various departments throughout the year. Red Bull’s main internship program is its paid fall internship program, which starts in September and runs for 20-24 weeks on a part-time (20 hours/week) basis. The internship pays $22/hour.

Previous interns at Red Bull rate Red Bull internships 3.9 out of 5 stars, with 96% of reviewers saying they’d recommend working at Red Bull to a friend. Positive reviews highlight the people and company culture, explicitly citing how friendly and enthusiastic their coworkers were. As these internships are on-site, other positive feedback mentions Red Bull’s in-office benefits — including free Red Bull and food in the office. Negative comments mention difficult work-life balance as some internships require late working hours.

Who Is Eligible for Red Bull Internships?

Red Bull seeks ambitious students willing to take on big challenges and learn new skills. Specifically, the company is looking for students who:

  • Are actively enrolled in school as an undergraduate or graduate student
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Are fluent in verbal and written English
  • Can work in person for the internship

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Red Bull Internships

Red Bull offers fall internships across two central departments: sales and marketing.


Red Bull is known for its innovative and often daring marketing, and joining the Red Bull team as an intern gets you on the ground within this bold team. The company has many different marketing specializations, including:

  • Sports (events and athletes)
  • Culture (dance, music, and art)
  • Brand (advertising, consumer activations, consumer insights, consumer collecting, and product initiatives)
  • Media (communications, content development, and production)

Don’t worry; you don’t have to choose just one specialization! The company’s marketing teams often support initiatives across multiple areas, working cross-functionally and collaboratively to ensure consistent messaging and branding.

Sales and Distribution

Red Bull’s sales division has two main functions: off-premise and on-premise. Both functions help consumers purchase Red Bull cans and multi-packs and allow interns to work on flexing skills in:

  • Key accounts
  • Field sales
  • Distribution
  • Category management
  • Trade marketing
  • Customer partnerships
  • Brand presence

Off-Premise Sales

Off-premise sales teams work with retailers who purchase Red Bull products to be consumed later. For example, these professionals might work with supermarkets or convenience stores, where you might buy a pack of Red Bull to bring home and enjoy throughout the week.

On-Premise Sales

On-premise sales teams work with hospitality venues that purchase Red Bull cans to enjoy immediately. For example, these professionals might work with cafes, restaurants, and bars, where you order a Red Bull to drink at that location.

Other Student Programs at Red Bull

Beyond standard Red Bull internship programs, the company also offers a variety of other part-time and full-time experiences for students and new graduates.

Red Bull New York

Applications currently open

Red Bull doesn’t only sell Red Bull cans — the company also owns a soccer team! Internships with the New York Red Bulls are unpaid, for-credit opportunities focused on managing various logistical aspects of the team.

Internships with the New York Red Bulls are across industries, including sports and performance, operations, and sales. For example, an operations intern works with the Pre-Academy & Regional Development School for up-and-coming soccer talent. They help with season operations, including game days, clinics, and tournament preparation. A coach education intern helps educate youth coaching staff by working on orientation, staff training, and support visits.

Student Marketeer

Applications currently open

Red Bull student marketeers are on-campus brand ambassadors for Red Bull. As a student marketeer, you’ll help increase Red Bull’s brand image and understanding on your college campus and within your city. You’ll work directly with consumers and customers, help answer questions about the product, and even work Red Bull events. In this part-time role of 15 hours/week, your primary areas of focus will be:

  • Brand recognition: Introduce consumers to the brand with product sampling, plan sampling events, promote the brand on social media, and attend Red Bull events.
  • Sales support: Work with local sales account managers and collaborate on new Red Bull distribution points.
  • Collaboration and execution: Work directly with the team to share ideas and updates, plan and report your work, and help the Red Bull brand continue to grow.

The student marketeer program is a highly flexible and creative position for students looking for something outside of a typical 9-to-5 schedule — some evening and weekend work may be required. Students must be at least 18 years old and have a valid U.S. driver’s license. The company pays all student marketeers $18/hour.

Aviator Program

Red Bull’s aviator program trains the next generation of Red Bull musketeers, or sales specialists who help promote the brand in on-premise locations (like restaurants and bars).

In this 12-month program, you’ll be immersed in the on-premise sales world by working with a set of accounts and building connections with Red Bull partners. The program mainly focuses on on-the-job learning, which makes up 70% of the role’s training. The other 30% is split between feedback and relationships (20%) and 10% of formal training.

To participate in this program, you must be at least 21 by the time you start the role and willing to work unconventional hours, like evenings, weekends, and some holidays. The company also aims to hire people who have learned about consumer packaged goods, the beverage industry, hospitality and catering, marketing, or sales through internships or other experiences. Roles are open across the U.S. in the company’s west, east, and south business units.

Graduate Program

Applications currently open

Red Bull graduate programs are full-time, salaried, 18-month-long positions that give you on-the-job experience working at the company. These programs are designed to help train the next generation of Red Bull talent. While the company doesn’t guarantee a job at the end of the program, you’ll learn valuable professional skills and gain experience working on projects in your department.

Graduate programs are available across the U.S. in a variety of the company’s departments: sales and distribution, marketing, operations, finance, media, information technology, and talent (HR). Program applications open at the beginning of the year (late January), and the program starts in late June.

Applying for Red Bull Internships

Red Bull looks for highly motivated, passionate, and creative students to help promote its iconic brand. The application process reflects this — you’ll need to show you have the experience and skills for the position and take a personality test that assesses your strengths.

>>MORE: Personality Career Quiz

First, the company recommends looking through available Red Bull internship positions to find the best match for you. While you can submit multiple applications, only apply to internships you’re truly interested in. Next, you’ll submit your resume and application online.

Internship Interviews at Red Bull

The interview process for a Red Bull internship consists of multiple rounds. First, you’ll take a personality assessment called Wingfinder. Wingfinder is a 35-minute test that assesses your strengths according to four different areas of professional success. The test asks questions about connecting information, responding to situations, and making decisions.

After completing the Wingfinder assessment, you’ll do a one-way interview where you record your answers to a few questions.

Tips for Landing Red Bull Internships

What else should you know before you apply to a Red Bull internship?

  • Join the company’s talent network: While internship applications aren’t open year-round, you can join the company’s talent network to get updates when applications go live. Knowing not only internship application deadlines but also internship open dates is incredibly important — applying early can increase your chances of landing the role.
  • Be bold: Red Bull is a bold company that values individuality, authenticity, and creativity. Don’t be afraid to speak to experiences where you showed these values!
  • Be yourself: Red Bull’s culture is people-oriented, so it’s crucial to show your personality during the interview process.
  • Come prepared: While you should always come prepared for interviews, Red Bull emphasizes the importance of reviewing the job description and researching the company.

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