Balancing Your Current Job with Your Next Career Move: 5 Must-Know Strategies

Balancing Your Current Job with Your Next Career Move: 5 Must-Know Strategies was originally published on Ivy Exec.

Embarking on a job search while still firmly anchored in your current role can be likened to navigating a labyrinth shrouded in shadows.

The last thing you desire is to set off alarm bells in the workplace or to have your intentions exposed prematurely. Yet, this clandestine journey is a rite of passage for many professionals.

Let’s explore five ways you can tread this delicate path with finesse, safeguarding your integrity and your current employment.


1️⃣ Operate Stealthily: Avoid Job Searching on Company Time

The first rule of thumb is elementary yet essential: refrain from conducting your job search activities during your designated work hours.

The allure of perusing new opportunities during the workday may occasionally beckon, but yielding to this temptation is fraught with ethical and professional risks. Avoid utilizing company resources such as your work email, office phone, fax machine, or scanner for personal job-seeking endeavors. Engaging in such practices, though seemingly benign, amounts to pilfering precious company time.

Such actions are unlikely to earn you any favors within your organization.


2️⃣ The Art of Discretion: Utilize Vacation Time for Interviews

One of the chief concerns in discreet job searching is how to secure time off for interviews without arousing suspicion.

We’ve all heard tales of “sudden dental emergencies” that lead to multiple mysterious absences, only to culminate in a swift resignation a week later. Suspicion naturally arises when a casually dressed colleague abruptly appears in a suit. To circumvent these pitfalls, tactfully inform potential employers of your current employment and express a preference for meetings outside regular working hours.

Most hiring professionals will accommodate this request, arranging interviews during breakfast, lunch, or in the twilight hours.

Consider allocating a full vacation day to avoid undue attention if daytime interviews are inevitable. Alternatively, a simple declaration of an appointment necessitating a morning or afternoon absence will suffice without delving into specifics. A discreet change of attire outside the workplace can further help maintain your cover.

Remember, your time is a valuable commodity. Reserve in-person interviews solely for roles that genuinely pique your interest.


3️⃣ The Power of Confidentiality: Request Discretion from Prospective Employers

When interacting with potential employers, it’s wise to be forthright about your need for confidentiality.

Kindly ask them only to contact your current workplace for references or disclose your candidacy once formalities are concluded. Although not foolproof, most reputable companies will honor this request, affording you a measure of protection for your current position.


4️⃣ Stealthy Profile Updates: Disable LinkedIn Notifications

If you’re in the process of polishing your LinkedIn profile, exercise caution by deactivating the “Sharing Profile Edits” feature.

This step prevents your network from being inundated with notifications for every tweak you make. While the occasional visitor may stumble upon your profile updates, this precaution minimizes premature attention.


5️⃣ Proceed with Prudence: Be Candid but in Moderation

Determining when to divulge your job search endeavors requires discernment.

Avoid volunteering this information, but if directly questioned by a superior, opt for a candid yet succinct response such as, “I’m exploring new opportunities” or “I’m keeping my options open.” Steer clear of over-disclosure; if pressed, gracefully maintain confidentiality. While some leaders may attempt to retain your services, it’s unwise to presume this as a certainty.

If apprehensive about potential repercussions or job security, a measured response such as “Not at the moment” suffices. This allows flexibility in the event of sudden opportunities arising.




It’s crucial to recognize that seeking fresh career horizons is a natural progression in one’s professional journey.

There’s no need to harbor guilt over nurturing aspirations. While honoring your current employer’s position, remain steadfast in pursuing your ambitions. Achieving this equilibrium can lead to a brighter professional future without compromising your professional integrity.

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