Top 10 Benefits of a Construction Management Degree

This article on covers the ways you can use a construction management degree.

The benefits of having a construction management degree are endless and can lead to a very rewarding career in building and construction. Check out our top 10 benefits of having a Construction Management degree here!

With today’s ever-growing demand for increasingly sophisticated infrastructures, a career in Construction Management shows no signs of stopping. And because construction managers are so integral in leading construction projects through every phase of development, their value in the job market continues to rise exponentially and they have many career opportunities.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of entering this burgeoning field and how earning your bachelor’s of science in construction management or online master’s in construction management can provide you with limitless potential in your professional endeavors.

What is a Construction Manager?

Highly sought-after professionals that perform in every aspect of the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) field for construction companies or construction firms. Construction managers must be versatile, innovative multitaskers with strong leadership skills.

Although not all managers have bachelor’s degrees (in lieu of construction experience), there is a growing standard for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree for a construction management career. That is why it is important to consider learning how to become a construction manager and entering a construction management degree program to become prepared in this field. Long gone are the days of a high school diploma being sufficient for starting entry-level positions.

Construction Manager Job Sites

Some of the job site parameters of the industry they work in may include:

  • Residential Building Construction
  • Commercial/Office Buildings
  • Specialty Structures
  • Design Elements (remodeling/designing the interiors and exteriors of buildings)
  • Development (e.g., urban/city planning; restoration; repurposing buildings and the surrounding spaces)
  • Civil & Highway Construction (bridges, tunnels, roadways, dams, canals etc.)

Construction Manager Job Duties

  • Interpreting & explaining plans, blueprints and contract terms to other workers, administrative staff, firms, and clients representing the developer or building owner
  • Reviewing and inspecting each phase of a construction project in order to monitor the observance of building & safety regulations and other compliance codes
  • Scheduling projects in chronological order and budgeting time & resources required to meet client deadlines
  • Studying job specifications and client stipulations in order to determine appropriate construction methods

A Career In Construction Management: Endless Possibilities

Earning your degree in Construction Management is valuable to your career in a variety of ways. Besides providing job stability and enabling you to increase your earning potential, it also allows entrepreneurial types to take on a position that can help benefit society and the environments we live and work in. Listed below are some of the advantages you can enjoy with a Construction Management degree:

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