13 Emerging Commercial Real Estate Tech Tools Industry Professionals Should Explore

This article from forbes.com written by Expert Panel discusses the 13 emerging commercial real estate tech tools that industry professionals should explore.

Technological advances in every industry have the potential to optimize business operations and change industry standards. In the real estate sector, commercial real estate (CRE) technology is rapidly evolving as professionals focus on revolutionizing the current commercial real estate market.

Much of today’s emerging CRE technology uses big data, machine learning and the Internet of things (IoT) to stoke the buying and selling market. Thirteen members of Forbes Real Estate Council each give one example of a newer CRE technology real estate professionals should embrace, and why they believe that tech tool is so important to the industry’s future.

1. Social Media Platforms

Residential is so far ahead of commercial in using social media for thought leadership, awareness and transactions. The best thing someone in commercial real estate can do right now is get educated on using social media platforms for their business. – Carrie BobbCarrie Bobb & Co

2. Data Analytical Tools

Technologies that significantly cut down on time spent in evaluating a deal and a submarket at a macro and micro level are emerging right now. Aggregated demographic trends and patterns allow sophisticated investors to make decisions quickly and zoom in on deals that fit their criteria. – Elisa ZhangEZ Real Estate

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