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Human Resources

Leadership Development Program

A three-year program, nine months each in four assignments, experiencing different facets of HR: compensation, talent acquisition,

employee relations, etc. Along the way, you’ll be supported with opportunities geared toward your individual development plan.

Johnson and Johnson

One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ, 08933
United States

Johnson and Johnson E-HRLDP Internship The E-HRLDP Internship is a 10-12 week program enabling highly motivated graduate students to demonstrate their potential to be one of Johnson & Johnson’s HR Leaders of the future.
Through the Internship assignment, Interns may have the opportunity to provide strategic consulting and design support to J&J businesses on an enterprise, global and regional level.On completion of the E-HRLDP Internship, Interns will be considered for hire into the E-HRLDP full time program.
Johnson and Johnson Foundational Human Resources Leadership Development Program (F-HRLDP) The F-HRLDP is a three-year rotational program designed to develop exceptional, highly motivated early in career talent in their journey as outstanding HR professionals, through:
-Talent Acquisition, Employee and Labor Relations, Learning Design and Operations, Talent Mobility, HR Knowledge Management and Compensation Administration[1][2].pdf
IBM IBM HR Leadership Development Program At IBM, HR is a strategic partner to the business, advancing the company’s goals and objectives. Join a global group of top talent in the HR Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) to apply and develop your leadership, problem solving and analytical skills. Done, we are planning an information session with them for the HCM students.
Verizon Human Resources Leadership Development Program A two-year rotational program, employee will experience diverse HR job rotations across the organization. The Human Resources team is committed to partnering with business leaders to shape the talent strategy in order to deliver business impacts. Employees will learn from dedicated professionals across Verizon as they develop a strong foundation of skills to create a positive impact on our organization.

2020 Summer Internship – Human Resources – Undergraduate


L’Oréal’s full-time Human Resources Leadership Development Program.

At L’Oréal, interns have full time employee responsibilities, with the space to explore and present insights to senior management.


The summer internship is the primary path for consideration into L’Oréal’s full-time Human Resources Leadership Development Program.


Whirlpool Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP)

The goal of the Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) is to develop future HR leaders who have a well-rounded understanding of the HR function through robust experiences with breadth, depth and leadership, and through mentorship and development.


The HRLDP internship offers individuals pursuing a Masters in HR or MBA the opportunity to gain valuable experience in one of our HR Communities of Expertise, within our HR Operations team, or supporting a direct business unit.
Amazon HR Leadership Development Program Intern

The HR Leadership Development Internship Program at Amazon is designed to prepare 1st year MBA and Master’s level candidates for accelerated careers in HR.


Interns in this program will have an opportunity to work on challenging projects in support of our real-time business issues, all of which are designed to develop skills and experiences within Human Resources.


An Amazon MBA summer internship is 11-12 weeks long, consisting of a strategic project that is data intensive, analytical, centered on a real business issue, and representative of the full-time role.,6_KO7,53.htm

Amazon HR Leadership Development Program Specialist

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dynamic and rapidly growing business within Amazon and is the global, cloud computing leader.


This program is for a dynamic and motivated self-starters graduating from selected master’s degree programs in 2020 to join our team in a leadership development program (LDP) designed to prepare employees to become senior HR leaders at AWS.
Aetna Aetna Human Resources Leadership Development Program

This program will accelerate your capabilities while preparing you for key leadership roles in our Human Resources organization. You will enjoy a personalized approach to development, creating the foundation for your short and long-term success.


A 3-year rotational program consisting of three 1-year assignments

Rotations may include areas such as: Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits, Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Relations, etc.

Accelerated development through compelling and challenging work, career coaching, networking, and exposure to senior leadership

American Express American Express Campus Graduate Human Resources Internship Summer Internship Program is the main pipeline into AMEX full-time HR Global Rotation Program (GRP). This two-year program consists of three rotations: a specialist rotation within one of our HR Centers of Excellence, an HR generalist rotation, and a non-HR rotation within a line of business.
GE Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) The Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) prepares high potential senior level hires, with a track record of professional success for GE leadership roles in human resources. This two-year global program offers opportunities for leaders to experience assignments across GE businesses, receive world-class leadership training, interact with and influence senior decision-makers and be part of a close-knit global network of HRLPs. Successful HRLPs have been able to leverage this opportunity to accelerate their careers.


Cisco’s Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) internship is a twelve-week program designed to develop future HR leaders. The internship program prepares students to join Cisco full-time post graduation as part of Cisco’s three-year HRLP rotational program.

Work on strategic HR projects that increases Cisco’s value, partner with an expert mentor and collaborate with Cisco leaders. Choose your own adventure and rotate through HR functions that you’re passionate about.



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