Career Q&A with the Head of Fundraising at Climate Change Non-profit

Margot is a strategic partnerships, development, and communications professional with nearly a decade of experience in both the public and private sectors. Throughout her nonprofit and social responsibility career, she has raised over $15M in both public and private funding and established year-over-year revenue growth in all her organizations. She holds degrees in Strategic Communications and Business Psychology. As a member of The Climate Group team, Margot manages and develops US relationships to galvanize diversified, sustainable support across organizational workstreams to accelerate climate action. She is passionate about bringing together varied industries, establishments, and individuals to mobilize positive climate engagement and empower each to action.

💡Margot Gould answers 20 questions about her job for a nonprofit organization:

00:35 Describe your job duties. (a lot about fundraising for nonprofit)

01:21 Describe your typical working day

02:15 What do you love the most about working at a nonprofit organization?

02:37 Describe an inspiring story happened at your nonprofit job

03:33 What’s the hardest aspect of nonprofit job?

03:57 Tell a secret about working for a nonprofit organization that many outsiders will find surprising

04:47 What kind of education should one pursue to prepare to work for a nonprofit organization? What classes to focus on?

05:38 What qualities are important to succeed in nonprofit fundraising?

06:25 How did you get your first job? What questions you were asked at the interview to become an employee of a nonprofit organization? 06:51 Describe the advancement potential and typical path in not for profit organizations

07:46 How common and how difficult is it to switch from another type of job to your job?

08:38 What are different types of jobs within nonprofits? 09:23 What developments on the horizon can affect future opportunities in the nonprofits?

10:18 Who are you grateful the most in your career and what for?

11:15 When did you first realize that you would like to work for a non for profit organization? How did it happen? What was the reaction of your parents and friends to your career choice?

12:27 What is that you wish you knew about your profession before you started?

13:02 What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

13:13 What world problem you wish you could solve?