I am elated to join HelloFresh again as a Data Scientist after graduation this fall. As a data-driven specialist, I will have a chance to leverage my background and skill set to develop complex projects that could turn raw data into decision-making solutions to drive business revenue. I will also perform statistical analysis to gain insights into our customers and products, and more interestingly, collaborate with cross-functional teams of SDE, Data Engineers, and MLE to build predictive models and algorithms.

Perseverance is the most important thing I learned when seeking a summer internship or a full-time job. We can fail 300 times, but what we need is only one success. I would like to say a million thanks to Kat who lit me up when I was frustrated about finding an internship. She showed me the right way to build up a solid resume, network via LinkedIn, and always believe in yourself. Professional responsibility and passion for data science are other key factors for this opportunity as I insisted on high standards of my work and always give proper updates and solutions to tasks that ensure everything you started has a good ending. And such attitudes were recognized by my director who granted me this precious opportunity after my internship ended.

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New York City, New York
Applied Analytics, People
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