I’m glad to be a part of the ERM Program Leadership Intern this summer. Actually, I learned of this opportunity by referral email from the Department and got the role after two rounds of interviews with the Leadership Board.

In the first year, my advisor suggested that we participate in various career development activities organized by CDL, and I did. Through the workshops and events, I learned a lot about the key points and skills for seeking a job in the United States. One of the workshops that impressed me the most was that the instructors said, in the job market, only 20 percent of jobs are public, and the remaining 80 percent, hidden under the iceberg, are obtained through networking and referrals. Our past experiences usually lead us to work behind closed doors, while as we strive to improve ourselves, it’s important to build our own network and be aware of opportunities around us. This is one of the most valuable lessons I learned from the CDL.

My role includes interviewing faculty members, current students, and alumni for newsletters. I also reach out to potential practitioner candidates in different risk areas/companies/geography to prompt and introduce our program, while working with CDL, and inviting them for interviews. I manage a student data project by applying Tableau for data visualization and analysis. Other specific projects include conducting questionnaire surveys.