My current role in the capacity of Director in our family business is twofold: one is to create an FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) company and take it to the next level and another is to look after the group’s asset management, investment portfolio, wealth transfer & tax issues alongside foundation work. As we are also faced with family feuds there is a constant requirement for knowledge, expertise, and the know-how of managing a family office, and resolving regulatory matters in banking and insurance where I need to take an active role in the near future. I started my career at an advertisement firm, but ended up in the financial services industry. My experience in branding and marketing helped me join Citigroup in 2001 and as Resident Vice President, Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs, I have been instrumental in Citi’s brand building in Bangladesh, developing corporate marketing strategy & implementation for nearly 10 years, and also fetching the US State Department Award for Excellence in 2004. After having 3 children, I decided to join my family business dealing with banks, insurance, and fast-moving consumer goods.

I started discussing my future goals with my Career Design Lab Career Coach, Mariela Torres, and how I would like to make a career move. She has been very helpful in providing knowledge and support for planning my approach to possible employers in the U.S. I would definitely like to take the opportunity to further explore career prospects through the Career Design Lab.