I acquired this position through a referral. Initially, I worked on customizing my resume for the role, collaborating with Kat, a CDL Advisor, during my final semester to enhance it and obtain useful tips and tricks. Subsequently, I diligently prepared for interviews by conducting thorough research on the company and practicing behavioral questions using the STARR (Situation – Task – Action – Result – Reflection) methodology.

As a member of the team responsible for shaping the transformation of advanced analytics for Mars Snacking within the digital commerce space, I am involved in developing new cutting-edge capabilities aimed at driving search, online availability, and the growth of the digital commerce business across multiple subchannels.

My role primarily revolves around managing smaller data-related tasks crucial for projects and facilitating a more strategic focus on the quality and communication of Digital Commerce analytic solutions.


Work Experience
  • Digital Commerce Product Strategy Lead for North America
  • Mars
Applied Analytics, Apply for a Job / Internship, Class Years, Network with Your Community, Year 1, Year 2
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