I serve as an independent trusted advisor to the board committee of a global financial services group, to whom I provide reasonable assurance about the effectiveness of the organization’s technology control environment and maintaining compliance with the regulation. Part of my responsibilities includes periodically assessing the risk and control environment of technology groups that support the organization’s capital markets, securities trading, and transaction banking business line. My team also serves as the point of contact for regulatory bodies in the industry such as the Federal Reserve Bank and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

The Enterprise Risk Management program gave me insight into how non-technology risks such as market, interest-rate, credit, strategic, insurance, compliance, and other operational risks are managed in large organizations including the best practices and frameworks used in different industries. The program provided a holistic view of managing different types of risks in the organization and prepared me in my current role for how to translate technology-related risks to other risk professionals or senior management using the language used at their levels. The Career Design Lab has also helped me “modernize” my resume to today’s hiring landscape and became extremely helpful as I re-entered the workforce after pursuing my master’s degree.

Work Experience
  • Assistant Vice President - Technology Audit
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
New York, New York
Enterprise Risk Management, People
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