As a Credit Risk Analyst at Nomura, I cover Hedge Funds/Funds clients. I analyze and provide credit coverage for a portfolio of different asset managers across the spectrum of strategies (e.g: long/short equity, fixed-income relative value, global macro, etc). I use and develop stress testing reports based on both historical and hypothetical scenarios, VaR analysis and risk factor sensitivities to ensure proper margining and client portfolio diversification. As a team, we also collaborate with the OTC clearing business to establish and formulate limits (e.g: initial margin, CS01, DV01 limits) and controls (ADV) for both interest rate and credit products. I worked at Goldman Sachs previously after graduating from Columbia ERM within the same role/position.

Everything is so helpful here. All the support, guidance and coaching were the most beneficial for me. But I also got a few offers using the portal as well.