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How to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation (with Samples)

Are recommendations on LinkedIn important? It’s true that the final hiring decision will not be made based on what a past client or coworker says about you. But your goal is to grab the attention of a recruiter way earlier …

By Andjela Milenkovic - Ivy Exec
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Building a “Personal Board of Directors” Can Transform Your Career—Here’s How to Do It

When Suzy Nicoletti, a successful account manager, was passed over for a promotion, it didn’t make sense to her. “It didn’t fit with the stories I was telling myself,” she says.

Nicoletti sought input from a former colleague, someone more …

By Aliza Knox - The Muse
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In this Nace article, Soulyka Agana-Woodbine, director of Career Development and Preparation, Trinity Washington University, discusses the decrease of employer registrations for career fairs as well as the rapid decline in student participation. 

Recently, Soulyka Agana-Woodbine, director of career development …

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Started in Real Estate Development

This article from written by Adam Gower Ph.D. discusses the guide to get started in real estate development.

A Morgan Stanley survey revealed that 77% of US millionaire investors own real estate while 35% own a share of a …

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What to Ask During a Networking Interview

Networking is a critical component of your legal job search. Each professional connection you make is an opportunity for mentorship and potentially the foundation of a future job, so it’s important to keep cultivating these relationships no matter what stage of the job search you’re …

By Shelley Awe - Vault
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