Insurance Management

Usher in a new era of market-responsive innovations and transformative thought leadership through insurance management.

Find information on a career path in Insurance Management.

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What You Can Do About the Rising Cost of Home Insurance

This article from Wall Street Journal is written by Leslie Scism and J. J. McCorvey

The cost of insuring a home is on the rise, forcing Americans to make tough decisions about whether to cut back on coverage or make …

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Coaches Corner: Become Searchable to Employers on SPS Talent!

Corporate recruiters and hiring managers are actively searching for Columbia students and alumni to fill full-time and internship opportunities on SPS Talent.
🔎Candidate Search🔍
🔎Employers are able to use the feature “Candidate Search” on SPS Talent. Candidate Search allows the …

By Kat Castro
Kat Castro Assistant Director | Applied Analytics Career Coach (N-Z) Kat Castro
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By Kat Castro
Kat Castro Assistant Director | Applied Analytics Career Coach (N-Z) Kat Castro
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What to Do When Employers Are Ignoring You

You’ve spent hours writing your resume, searching job sites, and applying to different roles—only to receive rejection after rejection. And that’s if you even hear back about your application at all. After a while, this all gets pretty exhausting, and …

By Andrew Fennell - Vault
A comprehensive resource for students and job seekers looking for career advice, job postings, company reviews from employees, and rankings of the best companies and industry employers.
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Coaches Corner – Resume & Interview Tools Edition

Hi Everyone! Hope the semester is treating you well.  We are so excited to be seeing more students in our appointments and events! One common theme we are seeing in our appointments are resume reviews!


Before  your appointment with …

By Kat Castro
Kat Castro Assistant Director | Applied Analytics Career Coach (N-Z) Kat Castro
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Today almost anything can be insured—from businesses, cars and homes to a star musician’s fingers or a supermodel’s legs. Insurance …