5 Ways College Students Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor the history of Hispanic and Latino/a people.

Learn five ways college students can celebrate.

What Is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Each year, between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history and achievements of Hispanic and Latino/a people.

Organizations and communities honor their contributions, which have impacted the United States in various ways. The celebrations provide countless learning opportunities for people of all ages.

Beginning as a weeklong tradition in 1968, the celebration was expanded in 1988. The mid-September start coincides with the independence dates of several Latin American countries, including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador. Mexico and Chile also celebrate their independence days during this period.

During the month — through various events, initiatives, and activities — we recognize important Hispanic and Latino/a figures, acknowledge their accomplishments, and share in the vibrant cultures and heritages that make up the Hispanic and Latino/a communities.

Why Hispanic Heritage Month Is Important

National Hispanic Heritage Month amplifies Hispanic and Latino/a voices and shines a light on communities and cultures across the U.S.

It celebrates American diversity and offers an education on the impact that Hispanic and Latino/a people have made on the nation. The celebration also gives Hispanic and Latino/a communities space to commemorate their past and look to the future.

Part of the goal of Hispanic Heritage Month is to increase the visibility of people, achievements, and events that have helped shape the United States. You can learn about famed artists, leaders, performers, and politicians who continue making a difference.

Many Hispanic Heritage Month activities and initiatives strive to build awareness.

Organizations may highlight ongoing challenges for Hispanic and Latino/a people and bring attention to issues within their communities. The month also celebrates the multiple and diverse identities among Hispanic and Latino/a people, welcoming others to observe and take part in their traditions and festivals.

Hispanic Heritage Month provides ample educational material for classrooms and communities.

These celebrations can stimulate community involvement, provide inspirational content, and encourage more organizations to increase diversity and opportunities for Hispanic and Latino/a people.

 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

  •  Participate in a Festival: National Hispanic Heritage Month features many exciting events, including independence day celebrations, Día de la Raza, and food festivals.
  • Study History: Classrooms often cover Hispanic and Latino/a history throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. However, you can also take part in learning outside of school. For example, you can join a lecture series, attend a workshop, or do some personal reading.
  • Take Part in a Class: Many communities offer Hispanic and Latino/a presentations and classes to share the cultures with others. Consider taking cooking classes or reading Hispanic and Latino/a literature. Incorporate parts of what you learn into your life.
  • Attend an Exhibit or Show: While many museums feature Hispanic and Latino/a collections and installations throughout the year, they often increase these exhibits during National Hispanic Heritage Month. Local colleges and universities may also celebrate the works of Hispanic and Latino/a creators and artists during this period.
  • Support Hispanic and Latino/a Business: You can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month simply by visiting and supporting local Hispanic and Latino/a businesses. For example, visit a Latina-owned restaurant, or buy clothes and goods from Hispanic shop owners.

This article was written by Catherine Lafuente on August 23rd 2022 for Best Colleges.com

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