Reimagining the US Public Health Sector

This article from is written by Kevin T. Kirkpatrick.

How five challenging realities are thwarting progress in public health, and how the sector can build strength to advance health equity, prepare for future pandemics, and face other emerging challenges.

It would be hard to imagine a more challenging time than the present for the United States to confront a global public health crisis during which people are asked to trust their government, the medical establishment, and science, and to take steps that impose inconvenience on themselves to protect others.

And yet here we are—and here we likely will remain unless we respond to the perfect storm of social realities that have been growing in intensity for decades and begin to reimagine public health. To do this, we need to redefine what public health means, and change how we collect data, how we design interventions, how we engage champions and allies, and how we build trust, in part by addressing systemic racism in the public health sector.

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