Media and entertainment: Envisioning cloud-based production ecosystems

This article from gulf business is written by Diana Colella

Demand for streaming content and games exploded due to the global pandemic, which spurred massive changes across the media and entertainment (M&E) industry. Studios were scrambling as film shoots stalled and teams were confined to their homes. The industry was already showing signs of moving to cloud long term, but out of necessity, years of planning turned into weeks of execution. Teams connected in the cloud, and production continued from home.

This transition to the cloud presented an excellent opportunity to do things differently and to build a more resilient future. This kind of paradigm shift was possible due to the foundation laid down by industry giants such as Disney and Sony by conceiving Vision 2030 – imagined with the aim of innovating new possibilities and solutions to enhance media production and design for an increasingly digitised world and now serves as a guiding light for productions in this time of great change.

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