Getting a Job in Nonprofit Leadership—What Nonprofits Need to See

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Living and working as a nonprofit staffing director in Washington DC—Kimmi Cantrell works directly with some of the sector’s leading nonprofits and associations. She’s placed rising Nonprofit Leaders with 501(c)(3)’s like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Bat Conservation International, Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, and Prison Fellowship International.


No one is 100% ready for anything in life. Was there any nerves or butterflies the moment you accepted your first leadership role with Careers In Nonprofits?

Feeling I was prepared, I still felt absolutely nervous.

But I think that’s a good thing. Because sometimes when you’re feeling nervous, you think that means you’re afraid, which then means that you’re not capable. And it falsely becomes this downward spiral of negative feelings. When in reality, stepping out of your comfort zone feels uncomfortable.

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