8 Construction Management Career Paths (With Average Salaries and Duties)

This article on indeed.com covers the ways you can use a construction management degree.

Professionals in construction management oversee various elements of the building process. These professionals help ensure construction teams build safe, efficient projects on time. Learning about the different career paths in construction management could help you determine which is best for your goals and interests. In this article, we list eight construction management career paths and answer some frequently asked questions to help you find your next position.

What is construction management?

Construction management is the process of overseeing a building project. In this field, professionals can work in a variety of roles related to different stages of construction. They may help plan the initial designs, set project budgets and deadlines or supervise a construction team. During these construction stages, they work to create new roads, bridges, residential buildings and commercial buildings.

These management roles are leadership positions. Individuals in these careers typically have special training, education or job experience that helps the lead construction project teams.

8 construction management career paths

If you are interested in a construction management position, consider the following career paths:

National average salary: $71,090 per year

Primary duties: A field engineer is a professional who solves problems and analyzes efficiency within a project. They can specialize in a variety of industries, including construction. Construction field engineers may discuss a project’s needs with clients and an engineering team, help create new designs for large projects and assess a project’s building process and systems. They may also review materials and make suggestions to improve efficiency.

National average salary: $77,703 per year

Primary duties: A construction superintendent supervises the daily operations for a building project. They often work on a job site to oversee the building tasks. Their responsibilities typically include writing cost estimates for the construction project, creating work schedules for construction team members and monitoring the building progress. They may also review the building’s quality to ensure it meets safety guidelines.

National average salary: $78,655 per year

Primary duties: Sustainability consultants are environmental experts who analyze companies’ energy consumption and make suggestions. They may work during the construction process to help design environmentally friendly buildings. Their duties can include advising clients on sustainable choices, researching construction trends and analyzing construction materials.

National average salary: $78,965 per year

Primary duties: Construction managers are professionals who oversee the construction stage of a project. Their duties may include creating cost estimates, ordering materials and managing the construction team members. They also work to ensure the team builds the project safely by reviewing local guidelines and regulations. They may also update the client or project owner and negotiate prices with subcontractors.

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