Coaches Corner – Resume & Interview Tools Edition

Hi Everyone! Hope the semester is treating you well.  We are so excited to be seeing more students in our appointments and events! One common theme we are seeing in our appointments are resume reviews!


Before  your appointment with your Career Coach, please make sure to utilize VMOCK.

VMock’s SMART Career Acceleration Platform acts like a personal coach to every job seeker along their career journey, globally. AI-powered tools allow you to power up your resume, optimize your LinkedIn account, and navigate towards your target career. Benefit from VMock’s in-depth interview and pitch that inspects your responses, body language, eye contact, and voice quality. Click here to gain access



To optimize your chances of your resume getting past the Applicant Tracking System, you can utilize the online platform This tool allows you to upload your resume and a job description, ultimately showing you how much of a percentage match you are for that particular job.  You have up to 5 free scans a month and we don’t recommend that you pay for a subscription.


Finally, when you get that interview, you will need to prepare as much as possible! You can start as early as NOW, from the comfort of your own home.  Big interview has hundreds of behavioral interview questions by industry, job function, and skill competencies. Try the random roulette of interview questions as well as a library of interview training videos. Click here

Get ahead in your career preparation by using these tools today!

*CDL doesn’t receive endorsements for specific products/services. Use your discretion. When in doubt, please consult with your Career Coach.

By Kat Castro
Kat Castro Associate Director | Applied Analytics Career Coach (Last Name N-Z)