Why Pursue a Health Career in 2021?

This article from Goodwin University discusses the motivation of pursuing a career within the Health Care industry.

As we enter 2021, many of us do not want to look back on the year we’ve left behind. A global pandemic shook the world and took the healthcare field by storm. Many of us are now looking ahead, including current professionals and future students considering their next career move.

As hard as 2020 was, many of us now recognize the insurmountable value of health professionals. The 18 million healthcare professionals that work in this country have saved lives, researched and developed treatments, and helped to create a vaccine against COVID-19. On top of this, healthcare is considered one of the bestindustries to work in today – filling 46 of U.S. News’ 100 Best Jobs of 2020.

Whether you are looking to make a career change or simply looking to make a difference, 2021 may just be the time to do so. If your life has been forever changed by the pandemic, and you want your life’s work to have a real impact, you may be thinking about a career in healthcare, too. But you still may be asking yourself, “Why pursue a health career?” Read on as we explore the top reasons to pursue a health-related career in 2021.

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