Responsible AI Systems to Drive Federal Adoption

This article from written by discusses the adoption of Machine Learning amongst government agencies.


By Aaron Burciaga ECS Vice President of Artificial Intelligence

with Dr. Mitchell Sipus CalypsoAI Director of Product

Not so long ago, any deployment of machine learning (ML) within the government was an achievement, but recent trends have seen the widespread adoption of ML as a subset of applied data science. In recent years, federal agencies such as the DoD Joint AI Center (JAIC) and Government Services Administration (GSA) have introduced a range of programs to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and ML.

In other words, we are approaching a new era of leadership in federal AI. The introduction of new AI/ML models within federal operations demands greater consideration of the human element within the model lifecycle, as well as the role of applied data science within federal operations. The AI of today and tomorrow must be “responsible AI,” providing data and algorithms that are transparent, equitable, reliable, governable, secure, and resilient.

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