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20 HR Podcasts for Human Resources Professionals


Podcasts can provide listeners with the chance to easily digest information while on the go. Whether you’re on your morning commute, cleaning the house on a Saturday afternoon, or on your evening walk, podcasts are readily available during your busy life. 

This audio-based media format is a rich source of news, education, and entertainment. For human resource professionals, podcasts can be a great resource for information. 

HR podcasts are extremely popular – and it’s no wonder why. Listeners are given the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and specialists about the most relevant topics, with new content being released on a regular basis. These podcasts can provide HR professionals with new tools and skills to improve their recruitment and talent management. 

While HR podcasts can be a great asset for your development, some podcasts fall short. With this in mind, we’ve created a list of the 20 best podcasts for HR professionals.

Inevitable The Future of Work

1. Inevitable: The Future of Work with Clarissa Peterson and Jeff Lesher

Join Clarissa Peterson of the HR Certification Institute and Jeff Lesher of SHIFT as they discuss the rapidly changing world of HR.

With the rise in workplace technology and automation, changes in people management, and today’s shift to remote work, Clarissa and Jeff are committed to preparing you to deal with what’s happening now and what will happen next. 

Inevitable: The Future of Work researches and explores leaders involved in the world’s most forward thinking workplace movements, uncovering their problems and solutions along the way. 

Listen to Inevitable: The Future of Work here.

HR Break Room

2. HR Break Room Hosted by Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice

HR Break Room is a podcast focused on the stories, tips, and strategies you need to evolve with modern day HR technology.

Hosts Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice talk to the industry’s leading innovators in business and HR technology to discuss the trends, problems, and solutions that can appear in the modern workplace.

Listen to HR Break Room here.


3. Workology Podcast with Jessica Miller-Merrell

Tired with the way things are going in today’s workplace? The Workology Podcast might be for you.

Host and founder of Workology.com, Jessica Miller-Merrel, is committed to the disruptive workplace and HR leader who’s tired of the status quo. 

The Workology Podcast is a weekly show where Jessica sits down with guests to discuss trends, tools and case studies for workplace business leaders.

Listen to Workology here.


4. RecruitingDaily Podcast with William Tincup

The RecruitingDaily podcast, hosted by William Tincup, features real, genuine conversations with expert practitioners in human resources and talent acquisition to answer questions regarding employer branding, recruitment, marketing, and tech trends.

RecruitingDaily discusses recruiting with guests multiple times a week to provide recruiters with the most helpful tips and guidance.

Make sure to check out RecruitingDaily’s episodes with VidCruiter CEO, Sean Fahey,  here and here.

Digital HR Leaders

5. Digital HR Leaders with David Green

In Digital HR Leaders, host David Green talks with the HR industries senior leaders that push a data-driven, digital agenda.

Be best prepared for the workplaces of tomorrow through the discussions featured on Digital HR Leaders. If you want to learn more about the best HR practices for the future, you’ve found the right podcast.

Listen to Digital HR Leaders here.

HR Leaders Podcast

6. HR Leaders Podcast with Chris Rainey

HR Leaders Podcast and live LinkedIn show, hosted by Chris Rainey, explores the leaders of HR to better understand what the future holds for workplaces.

Chris Rainey features industry experts and HR executives who are able to weigh in on the future of work, how it will change, and what organizations are doing today to evolve.

Listen to the HR Leaders podcast here.


7. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Host of WorkLife, Adam Grant, dives into the minds of some of today’s most unorthodox leaders. His goal: discovering how to make work not suck. 

As an organizational psychologist, Adam explores the workings behind organizational behaviour and how to harness it to improve your experience in the workplace.

WorkLife has spent multiple weeks as the #1 show on Apple Podcasts chart.

Listen to WorkLife here.

HR Heroes

8. HR Heroes with Jonathan Richards

HR Heroes is a podcast done by Breathe. Host Jonathan Richards tells the stories of small businesses and how they recognize that their people are the key to success.

This podcast covers everything from company culture to productivity to the future of work.

Listen to HR Heroes here.


9. #SECURETHESEAT with Minda Harts

#SECURETHESEAT is a podcast that tells the stories of women of color in the workplace. In a world that isn’t invested in their success, #SECURETHESEAT digs deep into how they were able to find success in spite of those societal hurdles.

Minda Harts is a career developer, speaker, author and consultant who hosts #SECURETHESEAT.

Listen to #SECURETHESEAT here.

The Hennessy Report

10. The Hennessy Report with Dave Hennessy

The Hennessy Report is a podcast that discusses issues impacting businesses success and explores new trends impacting HR. Hosted by Keystone CEO Dave Hennessy, hosts are interviewed to provide further insight on how to solve today’s HR challenges.

Listen to The Hennessy Report here.

Redefining HR

11. Redefining HR with Lars Schmidt

Host Lars Schmidt sits down with leading thinkers and doers in the field of HR to discover how they build their teams, what drives motivation, and where HR can do better.

Formerly known as 21st century HR, Redefining HR spotlights innovating boundary-pushers in HR to provide listeners with the experience from the industries best.

Listen to Redefining HR here.

HR Works

12. HR Works with James Davis

The weekly HR Works Podcast aims to provide clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to HR professionals.

The goal of host James Davis is to create thorough and engaging interviews with industry professionals who are experts and leaders in the field of HR.

Listen to the HR Works podcast here.

Punk Rock HR

13. Punk Rock HR with Laurie Ruettimann

Host of Punk Rock HR, Laurie Ruettimann is a former corporate HR employee. With plenty of experience in toxic workplaces, Laurie is dedicated to fixing work through her writing, speaking, and podcasting on Punk Rock HR. 

On this weekly Podcast, Laurie sits down with friends, peers, and HR experts to discuss what happens behind the scenes at your job. She’ll provide you with the insights to take control of your career and prioritize yourself.

Listen to Punk Rock HR here.

CIPD Podcast

14. CIPD Podcast with Nick Cassidy

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, otherwise known as CIPD, is the professional body for HR and people development and host to a worldwide community of more than 150, 000 members committed to improving the workplace and creating better personal experiences at work. 

The Monthly CIPD Podcast hosts various HR professionals to explore how we can continuously improve the workplace in today’s ever-changing environment.
Listen to the CIPD Podcast here.
HR Happy Hour

15. HR Happy Hour with Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

Hosts Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference and Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors aim to tackle the most relevant and challenging issues impacting workplaces on HR Happy Hour. 

This podcast has been the longest running and top downloaded HR podcast where Steve and Trish discuss the topics of HR, management, leadership and much more. 

Listen to HR Happy Hour here.

Illuminate HR

16. Illuminate HR with Nate Randall

Join host Nate Randall as he discusses topics ranging from managing demands of the modern workforce to providing the best possible employee experience on Illuminate HR.

Nate features guests from all walks of the workforce to discuss these important topics, providing listeners with insights and tools to improve their experience at work.

Listen to Illuminate HR here.


17. DriveThruHR with Mike VanDervort, Robin Schooling, Dwane Lay, and Crystal Miller Lay

A podcast airing since 2010, DriveThruHR is a lunchtime show that covers all topics relating to HR professionals. 

Hosts Mike, Robin, Dwane, and Crystal discuss HR tech, recruiting, leadership, and much more on their digestible, 30 minute shows.

Listen to DriveThruHR here.

HBR IdeaCast

18. Harvard Business Review IdeaCast with Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch

In this weekly podcast, hosts Alison and Curt feature the leading thinkers in business and management. 

The show is packed with thought provoking insights on a wide range of topics in the business world.

Listen to HBR IdeaCast here.

The Way We Lead

19. The Way We Lead with Gabby and Jenelle Acosta

Join The Way We Lead and listen to married couple and co-hosts Gabby and Jenelle as they discover what it means to be a leader for underrepresented individuals. 

This podcast features real stories of leaders across industries to discuss identity, power, and privilege.

Listen to The Way We Lead here.

Culture First Podcast

20. The Culture First Podcast with Damon Klotz

The Culture First Podcast, hosted by Damon Klotz, seeks to explore how work culture shapes human behaviour and experience. 

Damon is dedicated to finding out how listeners can find meaning in their work, improve the experience they have in organizations, and bring more humanity in the workplace.

Listen to the Culture First Podcast here.


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